The Spirit of the Season

I actually mean that title in a straightforward, general “welcome to fall” sense, but if you’d rather picture me saying it in my best Vincent Price voice and adding a “mwah ha ha” chuckle to the end, feel free – it is almost Halloween, after all, and that’s part of why I consider this the most wonderful time of the year. Practically everyone is on board with the cooler temperatures and leaves turning, and like any Thunder fan, I’m beyond ready to get this season underway en route to a run at the NBA title. But add in jack-o’-lanterns and costumes and a little bit of spine-tingling fun? Now you’re speaking my language.

In fact, you know how much I enjoy this holiday? We have a Halloween tree. It’s a family tradition at Chez Centrella: finding a large dead branch, securing it in a tree stand, spray painting it black, stringing it with orange and purple lights and decorating it with a rather spooky flair. Speaking modestly, it’s pretty awesome. The evening also includes the first chili batch of the season – high on the fire chart and always a winner.

This year’s celebration is going to be a little different, though. It’s been a scream helping to organize the annual Halloween parade since its inception, but it’s normally the Saturday before the 31st; this year the paranormal procession falls on the day itself (see page 98), so I’ll be front and center in Automobile Alley. Thankfully, I won’t have to squeeze in any trick-or-treating since my own kids have outgrown the custom. That torch has been passed to my daughter, who not too long ago joined the club known as Team Motherhood. I think she secretly uses her 2-year-old son as an excuse to candy crawl through the neighborhood, but I would never be so uncharitable as to suggest such a thing … to her face, anyway.

Halloween night is just the tip of the seasonal iceberg, though. For a concentrated dose of the high points among fall fun and games, take a trip to Pumpkinville in the Myriad Gardens (see page 106) and relish the sack races, hay bale maze, face painting and the decorative possibilities of many, many pumpkins. Or if you’re looking for something a little scarier, dare yourself to visit the locales in Jeff Provine’s “Haunts of Oklahoma City” on page 30. But remember, whether it’s a candy hunt or a house haunt that piques your inner spook, October is the month to start thinking about boots (see page 26). Yes, it’s almost that time … finally!

Amid everything there is to look forward to on the calendar here in the 405, we might be most excited about the changes coming to this magazine next month, which includes our name becoming 405 Magazine. And that’s not all. Changes will be noticeable from cover to cover, providing readers with provocative journalism, while shaking up the rest of the editorial content. So keep your eyes peeled for our November issue – and enjoy the time until then. 

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