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The Sweets Story of Homemade Truffles

Looking for a decadent Valentine’s treat? Try this versatile recipe for rich, decadent chocolate truffles you’ll truly love.


Nothing Warms The Heart More Than Sweet Memories And Deep, Dark Chocolate Truffles.

Every time I make these treats, I cannot help but go down memory lane. It was 1991, and I was a sophomore in college, working at Fudgeworks in Estes Park, Colorado. This little family-owned store taught me all about making candy, fudge and other sinful sweets. It was also the summer I fell in love with my husband, Jack.

It was monotonous work, dipping and rolling the rich chocolate confections. However, at the time I was not thinking a thing about how fun candy making was, or what a great experience this would be in my future; all I could think about was this boy who had stolen my heart!

We were engaged after one month, and every day I cooked candy all I could do was dream of our future together. Almost a quarter century later, I still make these truffles. And much like my one true love, this recipe has stood the test of time.

As with any good chocolate confection, it is crucial to use the very best your budget will allow. Ghirardelli bittersweet chocolate is a great choice, and is available at your local grocery. The secret is the cocoa content – when making truffles, you want 60 percent or higher total content. That translates into a more intense chocolate flavor with each little bite. The other important part to truffle making is the butter. I like to use Braum’s unsalted because it is a European butter, which simply means that it has less water than other options. Both of those things are crucial in making glossy, gorgeous truffles.

The beautiful part about these truffles is that you can vary the recipe’s flavors. Simply swap out the Kahlua for the liquor of your choice, or add a pinch of cayenne or cinnamon to make your chocolate flavors pop. My last tip is to be patient. Dipping and rolling truffles is a messy job, but the end result is pure decadence! 

Kahlua Deep Chocolate Truffles

10 ounces bittersweet chocolate, chopped

3 tablespoons unsalted European butter

½ cup heavy whipping cream

1 tablespoon light corn syrup

¼ cup Kahlua

½ cup cocoa powder or finely chopped nuts

► To begin, melt the chocolate by placing it in a glass bowl with the butter and microwaving on low for 2 minutes. Check every 30 seconds and stir until all the chocolate is melted. (It is important to not overheat the chocolate; all you want to do is melt it.) While the chocolate is melting, place the whipping cream and corn syrup in a small saucepan and heat the mixture over medium heat until it simmers. Pour it over the top of the chocolate mixture. Allow this to sit for at least a minute, then stir together until the chocolate combines with the cream. Now is the time to add your flavoring; stir in the Kahlua just until it is combined. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.
► To dip your truffles and make them a uniform size, use a small ice cream scoop or melon baller. Roll lightly in your hands and place the truffle on a parchment-lined baking sheet. Roll each one in cocoa or nuts, or you can also coat the truffles by dipping them in additional melted bittersweet chocolate and then placing them in the freezer for 15 minutes to set.