The Tops for Your Table

Finishing touches for living room furniture
From Gathered Home Shop: Onyx bowl, $49; Bone inlay sunburst box, $49.99; Voluspa candle, $29.95; Panda Raffia coaster set, $19.99; Wonderplants, $42; Organic cement pot, $9.95


One ever-popular and, most would agree, essential piece of furniture for the living room is the coffee table – but while the choice to include one might be obvious, the next steps sometimes aren’t. Selecting what to place on top of that lovely coffee table – books, candles, trays, picture frames, knickknacks – can be more involved, and more rewarding, than picking out the table itself. Here are a few pairings of things that might jump-start your arrangement. One hint: don’t be afraid to clear it off and start over. The top of your coffee table is one of the easiest places to reset the mood of a room.



From Starr Home: Dixie hourglass, $42; Abstract bowl, $60; Acrylic easel, $26; “Shikomi II” painting, $100; Quartz flower, $55; Marble tray, $85



From Chateau Designs and Interiors: Medium crystal tower container, $79; Petal pot orchid, $159; Navy box, $90; Palm Springs Modern Living, $40



From ME Home: Blue and white porcelain pagoda, $200; Tom Ford book, $135; Selenite cross, $390



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