The Tops for Your Table

The Tops for Your Table

The living room is often the center of attention, and your decorating’s not done until you find the ideal coffee table toppers – like these.


One ever-popular and, most would agree, essential piece of furniture for the living room is the coffee table – but while the choice to include one might be obvious, the next steps sometimes aren’t. Selecting what to place on top of that lovely coffee table – books, candles, trays, picture frames, knickknacks – can be more involved, and more rewarding, than picking out the table itself. Here are a few pairings of things that might jump-start your arrangement. One hint: don’t be afraid to clear it off and start over. The top of your coffee table is one of the easiest places to reset the mood of a room.



From Starr Home: Dixie hourglass, $42; Abstract bowl, $60; Acrylic easel, $26; “Shikomi II” painting, $100; Quartz flower, $55; Marble tray, $85



From Chateau Designs and Interiors: Medium crystal tower container, $79; Petal pot orchid, $159; Navy box, $90; Palm Springs Modern Living, $40



From ME Home: Blue and white porcelain pagoda, $200; Tom Ford book, $135; Selenite cross, $390