To Live

Callen Clarke and Kyle Dillingham

June 17, OKC Civic Center,, 297.2264
What’s it all about, really? Parsing the meaning of life has kept philosophers – and the rest of us – busy since the dawn of humanity, and one of the only things we’re sure about is that there’s no single maxim or slogan that serves as a universal answer. However, consider that (1) we as people are capable of influencing one another, sometimes in ways we don’t fully understand; and (2) music is the universal language, capable of reaching us and moving us and lifting us up in ways that words cannot. Those considerations have been much on the mind of composer Callen Clarke and violinist Kyle Dillingham, with spectacularly sonorous results: as the grand finale of the OK Mozart Festival, they, together with the Amici New York Orchestra, are proudly premiering the sweeping, uplifting “Life Symphony,” a seven-movement journey in which the audience is asked to participate – and hoped to contemplate the joy and wonder of existence. 

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