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Top-Tier Tables

While the dining room might have a smaller role in families’ daily lives, tables like these still command appreciative attention.


It shouldn’t be surprising that the concept of the “dining room” has changed. Our culture, at least from the design side of things, seems to have embraced a more casual approach to sitting down and sharing a meal. (Does handing food to the back seat count as eating together?)

No matter who you are, the odds are good that your life feels faster-paced than it once did, and the idea of routinely having formal, sit-down meals isn’t as prevalent as it used to be. In many homes, we see the space that had been intended as the formal dining room being used for something else, and dining areas made more a part of the living space. We may eat together – or do homework, or look at a laptop – at a less traditional kind of table, whether it’s a large bar area with tall stools or a banquette that is nestled in the kitchen.

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, though. While this more casual space is very popular, the formal dining room is still alive and well. No matter which kind you prefer, the dining room table is the centerpiece for a vital part of our lives. And whether formal or casual, beautiful choices for the middle, corner or side of the room abound.

The mahogany-topped Nicolet II by Theodore Alexander (top) and expandable Victory Oak Jupe II by Theodore Alexander, from Mister Robert Fine Furniture, 109 E Main, Norman

The faux limestone and ash Campagne by Atelier from 30A Home, 115 NW 44, OKC

Oval Mercer by James River (top) and geometric Oliver by Hable for Hickory Chair, from 30A Home, 115 NW 44, OKC