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Totally Totes

With summer over, it’s time for a change in accessories: check out these carry-on bags that are totes stylish.


After months of throwing all your summer gear – think sunscreen, sunglasses, reading material and all other on-the-go outdoor essentials – into your favorite bag over and over, it’s the perfect time to retire the old and bring in the new. Now is the time for bags full of new notebooks, agendas, pencils and laptops … and no one wants to get melted lip balm on all those new supplies.

While backpacks and messenger bags are great for their purposes, for all-around style and versatility you can’t beat the old-fashioned tote. Here are a few that we think are “tote-ally” perfect.


(left to right)

Sea & Lake “Awkward Human for Life” tote, $20 from PostScript  //  Bloom and Give denim tote, $88.89 from Plenty

(clockwise from top left)

 OKC market bag, $68 from Shop Good //  Messenger foldtop, $289.99 from Plenty  // White and red striped cotton tote, $54 from Stash

(left to right)

Simpleton Rosette tote, $150 // “Peaceful Warrior” black tote with carpet front pocket, $179.95 both from Stash