Trailblazing Tastes

Peruvian cuisine is a proper stew of influences from Spain, Africa, China and Japan, all mixing with the native dishes of the indigenous Inca people. It is fascinating from both cultural and culinary standpoints, and in Oklahoma City, Chef Niel Zambrano’s Inca Trail at 10948 N. May is serving Peruvian food in a cozy, low-key setting with abundant charm.

Entrées range from several seafood offerings, including a very fine selection of ceviches, to one of the house specialties: Pollo a la Brasa ($9.99). The Peruvian rotisserie charcoal-fired chicken is exceptionally tender and moist, loaded with flavor. Another intriguing entrée is Tacu Tacu ($10.99), featuring beans and rice stir-fried together and topped by a grilled sirloin steak. It is accompanied by fried plantains, a staple of South American cooking. They are delicately sweet, never heavy or greasy.

Inca Trail earns raves for its dessert flan ($3.95). It is feather-light, and just sweet enough to provide a fine topper to the meal. Inca Trail offers exceptional value with ample portions, providing adventurous Oklahoma City palates with the hearty and varied cuisine of Peru.

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