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Valentine’s Day Gifts For the One You Love

Love itself can’t be wrapped up in a bow and presented in a box … but these suggestions for thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts are the next best thing.

Just When You Thought Gift-Giving Season Was Done … here’s another opportunity to show the ones you love just how much. Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on you – while a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine will surely do, a more thoughtful or unusual gift can be a welcome break from the traditional. I love looking for unique things while out and about, and for this occasion I found not only things I would love to receive, but also some I would love to give. You might even pair some of these gifts to make them more special. For example, cupcakes from your favorite bakery presented on one of these beautiful cake plates would definitely be a treat. Include a bottle of your guy’s favorite beverage to go with the “don’t drink and ride” flask. How about filling a travel bag with special lotions or your girl’s favorite perfume? And if you really want to spoil someone, outfit a new pocketbook with a gift card or even a few crisp dollar bills so the recipient can shop to their heart’s content. Just try thinking outside the box and you’ll surely get a smile (or a kiss?) once they open it … xoxoxoxo. 



 Coffee table books from Gretta Sloane (OKC)



Rosanna black cake plate and Mosser green cake plate
from Dutch (OKC) 



Beau Ties Ltd. bow ties from Dutch



Musgo Real soap on a rope, shaving cream and aftershave from Dutch



 Izola “don’t drink and ride” flask from Dutch



Objects of Desire pink and orange monogrammed travel bag
from Luxe



MOR petite marshmallow candle from Luxe



Clare Vivier pocketbooks from Gretta Sloane



Bellocq Tea Atelier organic teas from Luxe