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Waking Up the Gardener

As spring approaches, it’s worth taking a moment to appreciate the quiet, tangible pleasures of working in earth to help something grow.


Spring brings with it a huge breath of fresh air as we shed the hibernation of winter and venture forth with renewed vigor, reveling in the possibilities of the new season. Winter is made for browsing seed catalogs, pinning inspirational photos and daydreaming of warmer weather. Those days are finally on the horizon, and with each uptick of the mercury, the itch to dig fingers deep into the earth, bring order to disorder and nurture the garden back to fruitful, verdant life becomes more irresistible. Hours logged in the springtime garden pay themselves back two and threefold during summer’s scorching days, and the promise of a bountiful harvest, both physical and visual, is enough to prompt one to stretch out the last bit of daylight to accomplish outdoor tasks. Enjoy this season of renewal and reawakening!