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What Advice Do You Wish You’d Been Told When You First Started Your Career?


J.D Baker Cortado Ventures Platform Manager

A fortune cookie in my first job read “Your respect for others will be your key to success.” That little piece of paper and advice has followed me in my career. This has taught me to seek the special value that every person brings to this world. I try to be a friend to everyone I meet and collaborate with. There might be an opportunity where we can be an asset to each other professionally, personally, spiritually, etc., you name it. It is better to grow together than grow alone.

Kelli Masters The Branch Coworking Space Owner, NFL Agent

The best advice I can give is, “Fight in your own armor.” In the story of David and Goliath, David is taken aside by the king just before the battle. The king gives him his own royal armor to wear, but David walks around in it and decides it doesn’t feel right. He returns the king’s armor and walks into battle in his own armor — carrying only a sling shot and God-given confidence.

Too many times, I questioned my own abilities. I trusted people I shouldn’t have trusted because I lacked confidence. Over time I realized that I am equipped to fulfill my calling and my assignments. Certainly, it takes time and hard work to grow and develop in our careers. But if we live in a constant state of comparison and wishing we had what others have, we will never have the confidence to reach our full potential. Fight in your own armor!

Jake Keyes Skydance Brewing Owner

The biggest piece of advice I wish I knew when we started Skydance Brewing is to make sure I had a clear picture of what I wanted us to be known for and how we would get there. This requires a deep and narrow approach.

When we started, we tried to cast a wide net. We attempted to make a beer for everyone by brewing an array of styles, but you can’t be all things to all people. Now we’re going deep and narrow on India Pale Ales and the customers who love them. I have a passion for IPAs. and it shows in our end product. IPA fans are always hungry for something new, and we satisfy that hunger by releasing a new beer each week. Now we are finally known for something: Skydance is the brewery who is always coming out with great new IPAs!