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White, Blue and You

The classic combination of white and blue has moved beyond willow pattern porcelain and other chinoiserie to occupy its own niche in home decor.


It’s safe to say that you might never meet a person who doesn’t like the color blue. As one of the top favorite colors that people claim, it’s almost impossible to find a shade that isn’t inviting, invigorating or inspirational. With hues varying from the sky to the sea, blue is quite simply the most relaxing color around. It’s no wonder that it is also an extremely popular color for the home … our haven from the crazy world we live in.

Plus, decorating in blue and white isn’t just about hanging the traditional plates on your wall anymore: While those patterned scenes are still popular, and beautiful, the scope of blue and white has evolved into modern pieces, as well as reviving traditional ones – and these accent pieces for the home are liable to take your breath away.

(clockwise from left)

Legend temple jar, $248 // Toile indigo panel, $1,075 //  Blue and white applique pillow, $225 // Large solid outdoor pillow, $213 all from ME Home, 2925 W Wilshire in OKC

(clockwise from top)

Bud vases in fan pattern, $70 each // Cylinder vases (4 sizes) in Brooks plaid, $100-$198 // Small and large planter in Brooks plaid with gold knobs, $198 and $265 // Bee bowl in Bali toile, available in small $220, medium $330, large $375 // Letter tray in Bali toile, $16 all from Bebe’s, 6480 Avondale in Nichols Hills Plaza


(left to right)

Palace six-sided temple jar, $344 // Pagoda tower, $1,180 // Peony square jar, $224 all from ME Home, 2925 W Wilshire in OKC