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Wicked Hippie Takes Flower Power to a New Level

  Looking to stand out while staying down to earth?

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Looking to stand out while staying down to earth? With Katy Coyne and Tanner Hull in the mix, all of your funky desires are right in the palm of your hand. Wicked Hippie, an online accessory and apparel store created in 2016, blends the modern-day flower child with a vibrant party scene. From face jewels and holographic stickers to peace-sign purses, Coyne and Hull have captured the essence of youth and fun. 

The process of creating Wicked Hippie began when both owners were simply thrifting for clothes. With that came an Etsy store and vintage pop-up shops, where Coyne and Hull made an income off handmade jewelry and nail art. Coyne said that her inspiration to jump into opening an apparel website occurred when her husband, Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips, claimed that they would “find a way to make it work,” despite any obstacles. Screen Shot 2021 07 21 At 44233 Pm

While Wicked Hippie has the flair and instant gratification of other online shops, it stands out for its notable celebrity supporters, such as Miley Cyrus, who proudly wore the brand’s face jewels on “The Tonight Show.” Large companies such as NastyGal and Dollskill have also teamed up with Wicked Hippie for some stellar combinations. 

What makes Wicked Hippie so genuine is the women who stand behind it. Katy Coyne and Tanner Hull transformed their friendship to business ownership in a short span of time, while maintaining the same mission from the start: “We don’t follow trends, we just make what we like, when we’re liking it.” 

The adventure didn’t end with an online presence, however; Coyne and Hull went on to visit a multitude of factories in China to find the best fit for some of their accessories. As a refreshing break from the negative outlook on the workforce, Coyne said, “We were also able to tour the factory that was making our face jewels and met everyone involved. It was such a good group of people that loved their jobs; it was nice to see.” 

Embracing your own inner hippie is what this shop is all about. Visit wickedhippie.com for more information.