Wicker and Wood

A perfect pairing of outdoor materials



Even though the heat can be overwhelming, we still manage to find a pool, patio or shady umbrella and get outside for alfresco living. When entertaining outdoors, it’s good to have things that fit in with your surroundings, and textures of wicker and wood fit quite nicely together. You can easily add in other natural elements such as jute, marble and glass to make the look complete; try these examples to spruce up your outdoor living space.



From The Flower Shop Wicker carafe holder, $20; Wicker basket with glass vase, $20; From Live Boho Glass vase in wicker basket, $80; Glass jar in wicker frame, $64



From Emory Anne Deli cutting board, $34; Wooden bar bucket, $80; Blue enamel and wood bowl, $48; Bungalow enamel cracker dish, $44; From Live Boho Wooden pillar candle holders, $16



From Emory Anne Country storage basket, $95; Lake napkins in basket, $12; From Tulips Straw circle placemats, $10



From Swanson’s Outdoor wicker couch, $1,500



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