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Wrapping It Up

Use these fetching wraps to give your life layers and protect against variable springtime temperatures.


March always teases us with glimpses of spring, only to snap us back to reality with the possibility of freezing temperatures – and sometimes even snow! Just when we’re ready to start changing out winter clothes for spring outfits, we get hijacked. So while you should definitely keep those winter sweaters and coats on hand, why not treat your wardrobe to a lightweight wrap? A wrap can take on many forms and styles … and we aren’t short on those here. From a kimono style to a poncho, a more formal look to casual, all of these are perfect to keep you comfortable and stylish through this blustery time of year.


(clockwise from top left)

After Asana wrap, $118 from lululemon in OKC //  Sit In Lotus wrap, $148 from lululemon in OKC // cream ribbed tie-front cardigan, $78 from Anthropologie in OKC


(clockwise from top)

Quilted sequin kimono wrap, $178 from Anthropologie in OKC // wrapped kimono top, $98 from Anthropologie in OKC // clouded periphery poncho, $148 from Anthropologie in OKC