12x12’s Big Impact

12×12’s Big Impact

The individual pieces are only one foot square, but the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s hugely entertaining 12x12 sale makes a big difference for state artists.

Photos courtesy OVAC


If you’re looking for a new art piece that’s not too big – fitting exactly within 12 inches by 12 inches – the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition is hosting an event just for you. The 12×12 Art Fundraiser is a silent and blind auction featuring small works by 175 Oklahoma artists.

“I always think it is a fun way to see all of the different types of work being created in the state, all in one place,” says Krystle Brewer, executive director of OVAC.

While admiring the wide variety of small-scale art, you also can enjoy live music and tempting food from local restaurants. All proceeds at this entertaining event go directly to supporting Oklahoma’s visual artists through grants, education and exposure.

“We believe that Oklahoma is a vibrant place for artists to thrive in their careers, and that Oklahoma artists are worthy of our support,” says Brewer. “It is the rich arts and culture community that make our communities such wonderful places to call home.”

The works will be open to the public for viewing Sept. 9-15, and the 12×12 Art Fundraiser will be held Sept. 20 at 50 Penn Place. For more information, visit 12x12okc.org.