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6 Sculptures in OKC You Need to Take a Selfie With

Here are six sculptures in OKC you should plan on snapping a pic with this year. 

Light as a Feather public art sculpture in Oklahoma City.

Photo by Doug Hoke

Posing with public art is the norm when on vacation. Who travels to Chicago without having their picture taken with “The Bean?” But taking pictures with local art should be just as common, especially since we have such amazing pieces throughout our great state. Here are six sculptures in OKC you should plan on snapping a pic with this year. 

Taking pictures and posting them online is a great way for your friends and family to be a part of your experience. But did you consider that crediting the artist is a great way to be an art ally and support their work? When you post a photo of any public art, look around for the artist’s name — it’s usually close by. Be sure to mention them in your caption and tag them on social media when you post. 

“Taking Flight: Light as a Feather”

Scissortail Park 

Despite being 14,000 pounds, this 31-foot-high sculpture by artists Lesley Chang and Jason Klimoski is true to its name as a giant feather gracefully arches to the sky. Whether you take a picture during the day with the city as a backdrop, or at night when it is illuminated with 276 integrated fiberoptics with LED lamps, you are sure to make a special memory. While you’re visiting Scissortail, stop by the lower park and grab a picture with “Trash Monster,” a vibrant, colorful, educational sculpture from artist Gabriel Friedman that’s made completely of trash. 

"The Kiss" a public art sculpture in Oklahoma City.
“The Kiss” is located on the Northeast corner of N. Robinson Avenue and Robert S. Kerr | Photo provided

“The Kiss”

Northeast corner of N. Robinson Avenue and Robert S. Kerr

In 2017, Downtown OKC Initiatives commissioned artist Klint Schor to create an outdoor sculpture with the goal of sparking conversation and activating urban space. “The Kiss,” which was installed in November of last year, is a clear symbol of emotion with two figures supporting each other in a public display of affection. All forms of love would great to capture in front of “The Kiss,” from planting a smooch on your special someone to popping the question.

Life size rendering of the "Bridge of Brotherhood" sculpture in Oklahoma City.
The “Bridge of Brotherhood” sculpture is located on the corner of Edwards and Broadway in Edmond. | Photo provided

“Bridge of Brotherhood”

Corner of Edwards and Broadway, Edmond

In 1891, the first Black-owned property in Edmond opened; in October of last year, artist Angela Mia De la Vega unveiled a statue in the same location celebrating this piece of history. It depicts three boys sitting on a bridge they built, representing the relationships that will carry them into the world as equals. This is the perfect location for an annual photoshoot of your kids and their friends, to see how they have changed and grown. 

DNA sculpture in Oklahoma City
“Architectural DNA” is located at 123 NW 10th Street. | Photo provided

“Architectural DNA”

123 NW 10th Street

One of the most fascinating pieces of public art in Midtown is suspended in mid-air. Created from a spiral fire escape salvaged from the historic Marion Hotel, this floating double helix was installed by Fitzsimmons Architects of Oklahoma City in 2014. Find this hovering gem this year, and be sure to capture it from all sides. 

"Finity" is a piece of public art in Oklahoma City.
“Finity” is located outside the Science Museum Oklahoma. | Photo provided


Science Museum Oklahoma, 2020 Remington Place

World-renowned artist and inventor Tom Shannon was commissioned by The Kirkpatrick Family Fund to honor SMO founder John Kirkpatrick, and in 2021 “Finity” was brought to life. Made up of five spinning polyhedrons which represent fire, air, earth, water and the cosmos, this 25-foot sculpture designed to be interactive and move with the wind is really something special. Visitors are encouraged to push each shape they can reach and watch as inertia spins the higher pieces. The mirrored stainless steel is also the best selfie spot in town. 

“Together Together”

OKC Convention Center, 100 Mick Cornett Drive

Local artist Joe Slack unveiled “Together Together” just last month in front of the Oklahoma City Convention Center. Allied Arts OKC commissioned the 26-foot-tall, 18,000-pound sculpture, of which Slack said, “My hope is that this sculpture represents what unites us in similarity rather than what divides us in discord. We are all in this Together Together.”

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