A Momentum Boost for Artists

A Momentum Boost for Artists

Live music, lots of energy and a flood of creativity from talented young Oklahoma artists – OVAC’s annual Momentum event represents moving day for careers on the rise.

Photo courtesy OVAC


The laws of science can be a harsh mistress. Newton knew that more than three centuries ago, when he explicated the law of inertia: Whether something is in motion or stationary, it tends to stay that way without an external force. That is to say, once you’re already moving, you’re in good shape to keep going, but getting started often requires a push. If you apply the same principle to careers, the external force is the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, and the push that helps young creators get their portfolios underway is the annual Momentum event.

More energetic than most exhibitions, the Momentum event is only open to Oklahoma artists under 30, and is set for March 22-23 at the Womb, 25 NW 9th in OKC. Expect a flood of live music to accompany the fresh creative viewpoints expressed in paint, sculpture, video, performance and other media – and pay special attention to installations, given that this year’s event is held in partnership with artist collective Factory Obscura.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner with our friends at Factory Obscura and to have Momentum in the Womb,” says OVAC’s Executive Director Krystle Brewer. “This combination perfectly captures the essence of Momentum: playfulness, curiosity and exploration.”

Curators Zoe Larkins and Samantha Rhodes selected works from a pool of submissions by more than 120 artists, and also chose three Spotlight artists – Emily Chase, Cecilia Otero and Anna Thomas – to receive a $1,000 honorarium and three months of guidance to create new artistic projects just for this show. The future of Oklahoma art is on its way; come see young artists who are picking up steam.