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Bravura Bar Carts to Make a Party on Wheels

Functional, convenient and eminently stylish, the bar cart is enjoying a well-deserved popularity resurgence - it's a party on wheels.

This Month The Focus on Bar Carts (or Drink Stations) is Completely Selfish.

I love this current trend … but bar carts are not new. As evidenced by the number of vintage carts showcased in this article, you can see they’ve been around awhile but had languished in obscurity for a few decades. Now they are back, and in full force. Call it “The Mad Men Effect” or just accept that everything comes back into style if you wait long enough. No matter the reason, when a good thing resurfaces, don’t ask questions.

Actually, let’s ask this one question: What’s so great about the bar cart? Let me count the ways.

1. Not only are they extremely functional, but the endless possibilities of changing the setup draw me to them.

2. Whether it’s bourbon and Dorothy Thorpe glasses or lemonade and plastic ones, you can create a party on wheels.

3. You don’t have to limit yourself to just drinks. Add fruit and cheese to a wine cart and you’ve got hors d’oeuvres covered. A simple spread comprised of champagne flutes, pink bubbly and cookies takes care of dessert.

4. Did I mention the setup and re-setup of the cart? Bowls of fruit, urns of flowers and other decorating items can also add a special touch, and you can easily change it according to the occasion.

5. Bar carts can pull double-duty as side tables for everyday use … and a side table can be one heck of a drink station.

So, the selfish part? Simple. I would love to have one. As trendy as it is, I do. Did I get one? Or two? No more questions, please. 

Wrought iron bar cart, 1960s ice bucket, vintage seltzer bottle,
early 1900s citrus squeezer, salvaged wood serving tray,
artisan hand-woven napkins with multi-purpose leather bracelets
as napkin rings and water buffalo horn tumblers from Vietnam
from Plenty Mercantile in OKC

Notre Monde aged mirrored bar cart, LeCadeaux melamine pitcher and glasses, Michel Design Works lemon tray
and Cake black and white tea towels from Occasions in Norman

 Mid-century brass frame bar cart with wood toned shelves, vintage peach luster square decanter, pyramid patterned vintage rectangular decanter, hand-etched, hand-painted glasses and Secret Holiday handmade affirmation banner from The Social Club in Norman

Gilded bamboo side table with antique mirrors, Jan Barboglio champagne flutes and decanter, MK design gold-rimmed glass bowls, domed mini cake stand and blue and gold mirror
from Enchanted Garden in OKC