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Savor Standup at Bricktown Comedy Club in Oklahoma City

Explore the vibrant comedy scene at this local club, where laughter reigns supreme.

Bricktown Comedy Club Sign in Oklahoma City

Photo provided by Bricktown Comedy Club

Comedy specials are all the rage right now. Most major comedians have at least one hour-long show streaming on a major platform that millions of viewers can enjoy from the comfort of their own couch. But many people have never actually been to a comedy club to watch the magic of standup live on stage. 

Bricktown Comedy Club at 409 E. California Ave. is a newer member to the downtown scene in Oklahoma City, opening in December of 2019, just 10 short weeks before the COVID shutdown. Luckily, limited capacity shows and mask requirements were no match for the power of standup, and this intimate venue has continued to thrive over the last three years. 

Adam Norwest, along with his family business team including his wife and parents, own BARK Entertainment, which has comedy clubs in seven cities across the U.S. His wife previously lived in Oklahoma, so Bricktown was already on their radar when they were looking to expand.  

Kyle Kinane performing at Bricktown Comedy Club in OKC
Kyle Kinane performing on stage. Photo provided by Bricktown Comedy Club.

“There are so many comedians who haven’t gotten to come to Oklahoma before because there wasn’t a venue for them. People are getting to see acts in person that they may have followed for five or 10 years, even 20 years, in an intimate venue, which is really cool,” Norwest said. 

With the addition of a Bricktown Comedy Club in Tulsa last summer, more acts are able to play in Oklahoma, as two venues are more logistically rewarding than one when it comes to planning trips. 

This month alone, headliners including former late-night host Craig Ferguson, as well as hosts of BET’s “Comic View” Bruce Bruce and Arnez J are just a few of the big names to take the stage at Bricktown Comedy Club. With comedy shows almost every night of the week (except Mondays), odds are good for guests to find someone to tickle their funny bone. 

Norwest reminds the audience that “not every show is for every person. We encourage people to look up comedians on YouTube before buying tickets. Often, a lesser named comedian on a weekend is going to be one of the funniest shows you will ever see. The comics who don’t have a celebrity status to fall back on are some of the strongest standups out there.”

Damon Wayans Jr. performing on stage at Bricktown Comedy Club in Oklahoma City
Damon Wayans Jr. performing on stage. Photo provided by Bricktown Comedy Club.

Seating in this 300-seat venue is first-come, first-serve for general admission, so show up early if you would like to sit closer to the stage. All performances have affordable ticket prices, but premium seating is available at a slightly higher price point to make sure you are near your favorite comic. It’s not uncommon for the comedians to do a meet and greet after the show. The club also offers a food and drink menu, and has a bar adjacent to the entrance perfect for a pre- or post-show cocktail. 

A night out downtown in any major city can be pricy, and Oklahoma City is no exception. But most weeks, Bricktown Comedy Club offers two completely free comedy shows. New Talent Tuesday and Open Mic Wednesday are both opportunities for local talent to try out their new material. While other nights require a two-item purchase per ticket, a standard in the comedy world, both weekly free shows have no such minimum. “We really like to support the local scene,” Norwest said. “Everyone who headlines on the weekend had to start somewhere and these shows are a way to help develop our local comedians.” 

If you like to laugh, but have never been to a live comedy show, definitely head to Bricktown and give it a try. As Norwest said, “Seeing it in person is something special.”

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