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Chainsaw Kittens Star Tyson Meade Transforms Traditional Education

  From an early age, Oklahoma native Tyson Meade’s free-spirited charisma was constantly drawn to music.

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From an early age, Oklahoma native Tyson Meade’s free-spirited charisma was constantly drawn to music. As a magical way to transform human connection into sound, Meade enjoyed making punk rock his own way, without the confinements of categorizing his music. Well known for his first band Defenestration, which was credited as one of the inspirations behind Kurt Cobain’s music, Meade sheds universal light on the personal path that rock and roll can take. From Oklahoma to China, Tyson Meade finds inspiration in every corner of the world. To kickstart his funding for the long journey back to China, this rock genius will be performing his best hits from the Chainsaw Kittens at the VZD Restaurant & Bar on Friday, July 23rd at 9 pm. Meade will also be hosting a silent auction on July 30 at Forma Optics and Art in OKC. 

While Defenestration did sign with a label — an early indicator of future success — the real adventure began after he formed Chainsaw Kittens, a notoriously successful group of musicians who performed from New York City to the United Kingdom. The Chainsaw Kittens toured with Iggy Pop, had features in Rolling Stone and Interview magazines, and appeared on MTV. 

Meade experienced fame and fortune at a young age, but his passion for creating art did not end with Chainsaw Kittens; rather, it turned toward abstract paintings, as he was drawn to self-expression without the pressure of releasing a product to satisfy an audience. His artwork, along with his music, was carefully crafted with the “help of the universe.” “Everything that has ever happened to me is accidental,” Meade said.

It wasn’t long before Tyson Meade developed an even greater calling — without the heavy metal and nonstop party which was rock and roll. He became enamored with the art of teaching, and how he could serve as the craftsman of a bond between the next generation by demolishing language barriers. Meade began teaching in New York City at John Jay College and LaGuardia Community College before making the vast transition to Shanghai, China. With a more than positive outlook on the generations to come, Meade’s dedication to teaching the English language gifted him with the satisfaction equal to finishing an album — a comparison not many have the experience to make. 

Now, as the years have passed, Tyson Meade believes that the universe is sending him another sign to return to China. With a soul so devoted to helping others learn to fully immerse themselves in whatever lights their fire, Meade is the best fit for another round of educational dedication. He emphasizes his respect and fascination with Chinese culture when he said that “Every day is a new curiosity there.” 

Tyson Meade wastes no time in spreading kindness as a “universal exchange” for his past and future endeavors. Rockstar turned educator, he’s got the world in his hands.