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China Patterns to Be Thankful For

Holiday meals are works of careful craftsmanship; shouldn’t their presentation equal that artistry? These suggestions can help set the table in style.

In the First Issue of Slice, November 2011, I Began Writing a Column Called "Setting the Table." After two years and 24 installments, I began writing this “Details” column and “Setting the Table” moved to our bi-annual home and garden magazine, Design Oklahoma. Although I don’t write about table settings on a monthly basis anymore, I still love everything about the art of a well- designed table.

I picture the table as a blank canvas. The place setting is usually one of the first strokes of paint. It’s from there, adding layer upon layer, that you can create a masterpiece on the table. However, I do believe that the most important thing about your table is the people around it and in turn, it’s those people who inspire you to give care and attention to what’s on top. With the holidays fast approaching, you’re sure to have an occasion here or there to gather and share a meal, so I’ve gone around town to find a few patterns that I wouldn’t mind having at my table. While I didn’t set the entire table, I added a few adornments to each setting, just to remind you to always bring something fresh to your table. May the art of setting the table and your guests be your inspiration this season!

  Lenox, “June Lane,” from Dillard’s


Royal Limoges, “Terracotta,” from B.C. Clark

 Herend, “Gold Fishscale,” from On A Whim

Lenox, “Autumn,” from Dillard’s
Herend, “Rothschild Bird,” from On A Whim



Wedgwood, “Renaissance Gold,” with Baccarat goblet from B.C. Clark