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Comfort is Cool

  Fashion in the 405 is similar to Oklahoma weather – it's only consistency is its lack of a constant.

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Fashion in the 405 is similar to Oklahoma weather – it’s only consistency is its lack of a constant. This ever-evolving, never stagnant landscape is hard to navigate, so we asked Brook Balentine-Reust, senior buyer for Cayman’s in Norman and founder of the clothing line, Currently Summer, to discuss fashion trends for 2021. 


Can you tell our readers about your background?

I’ve loved fashion since I saw the Forrester family from my mom’s soap opera, Bold and the Beautiful, when I was 8 years old. I grew up in Elmore City, an hour south of OKC. I moved to LA shortly after high school and attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, or FIDM. My degree was product development where I learned design and the business side of the industry. Living in Tinsel Town, I found my love of styling. While working at Traffic LA, I grew close with stylists, helping them pull looks for celebrities; one in particular took me under her wing and let me be part of incredible experiences over the years and opened doors for me. I did some time in NYC before landing what was, and still is my dream job as senior buyer for Cayman’s in Norman. 

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I’m able to utilize all avenues for fashion I love. I go to fashion week while going to markets on both coasts to seek out and buy the best. I chose to go out on a limb and create a small line of my own. Currently Summer, they supported me and brought it into the store. For me, it’s a dream.


What are the fashion trends for 2021?

Fashion has proven to be an industry that’s flexible, determined, and can adapt to the worst situations; proven when every 2020 trend was dropped for sweatpants and tie dye,  all while remaining chic.  This year, the focus is comfort and ease; especially coming off 2020. The virtual fashion shows for spring showed Monochromatic styles, wide leg jeans, oversized blazers, bralettes, fun vibrant dresses with peeps of skin, lots of florals, and puff sleeves – a continued favorite of mine. Comfort is key in almost every brand, be it designer or contemporary. This season we will be wearing lots of sets: sweat sets, short sets, flowy floral dresses thrown back with outdoor sandals. Think crystal-covered tevas. Relaxed denim,  and plenty of not-so-basic knits. It could be feather trimmed, bleached out, studded or a stunning sleeve, no question our knits and how we style them will define our look.

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What are some of your personal favorite things in fashion currently?

It’s important to remember you can still exude killer style while being comfortable. I’m a mom of 2 small babes, so luxe loungewear has been my go-to. After 2020, there’s this desire to dress up. After all, don’t we miss the excitement of getting ready for something? I’m taking every opportunity I can to over do it, upping my fashion game. For me, this means taking Lele Sadoughi Jeweled headbands back with my aviator nation sweatsuit to the grocery store; a Sequin dress with golden goose sneakers to a friends house; leather shorts with a sweater to the kitchen for dinner; Currently Summer hoodies and denim to run around with my kids. I style every look for tennis as if I were headed to Wimbledon.

Take some risks and have fun with your laid-back looks. I’ve encouraged my clients to use this year to reset. Get rid of what you don’t wear. Build your wardrobe with classics that you never took the time to buy because you were busy spending on the next look for that trip, wedding or concert. Be sure to throw in a couple of statement pieces that make you feel good and boost confidence.


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