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Coming to a Galaxy Near You

For every person, there is the perfect cell phone.

For every person, there is the perfect cell phone. For that perfect cell phone, there are myriad accompanying devices. For you Samsung Galaxy fans, I recently tested a goodie box of accessories, and here are some recommendations to satisfy your gadget habit. Next month, I’ll cater to the iPhone crowd.

For the Gamer

MOGA is a mobile gaming controller that connects to the Galaxy S III and becomes the game controller of your dreams. High-quality graphics and all the controls you need are here and can take your gaming to the next level. The controller will work with most Android phones out there. Games are a lot more fun with a good controller, and this one does a great job.

Cover Logic

This flip-to-open case is perfect for people like me who prefer to slip their phone into a pocket instead of a belt case. It replaces the back of the phone and the cover protects the keyboard, plus it makes the phone less slick so it doesn’t jump out of your pocket.

Power up

For the power user, the PowerSkin case with a 1500mAh battery gives you on-the-go charging for increased battery life. The pack can be attached to your phone whenever you need it; I was able to attach it without removing the flip cover. The skin is rubberized and offers fairly good protection against banging and dropping, and the unit charges just like the regular phone.

Tec Savvy

If you enable Near Field Communication (NFC) On your Galaxy S III, you can create TecTiles to program your Galaxy phone to do specific things (change your settings, launch applications, check-in, update social status, make a call, etc.) at the time and place you want those things to happen. Program your TecTile using the app, then place it in a convenient place. When you tap your phone to it, the actions stored are performed. You’re only limited by the apps on your phone and your imagination.