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Computer Couture at Oklahoma Contemporary

Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center programs an imagination-expanding exhibition of computer-designed and -driven clothing in CODED_COUTURE.


Sure, the Apple watch is cool and all, but for wearable technology that’s a little more eye-catchingly artistic, look to Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center this month, as it hosts a fashion exhibition of computerized creations – presenting CODED_COUTURE.

A dress that acts as a lie detector, a cape whose feathers flutter with the wearer’s increased heartrate, a miniskirt that lights up with a scrolling display of tweets … the creations in this show aren’t practical everyday wear, but that’s hardly the point; it’s more a showcase of ideas and possibilities. The elements in this exhibition – which include prototype garments as well as drawings, sketchbooks and video projections – could lead to something that might be found in your closet someday, or they may instead serve as inspiration to ponder how fashion and technology intersect, especially how computer enhancements can allow for vastly increased interactivity and agency for users, leading to greater personalization and expression of identity.

The exhibition also allows visitors to engage in the design process, using technology in conjunction with their own input to develop new items of clothing. Oklahoma Contemporary will include a full schedule of programming for both adults and children, based on themes of design innovation and personal expression through fashion. Other planned events include a lecture on “smart fabrics,” and a fashion show featuring local designers. Art and science combined, driven by human creativity but reliant on innovative technology – it could give you a new passion for f4sh10n. Visit for all the details.