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Decor to Explore in the Symphony Show House

Top-notch interior design is temporarily enshrined in the “Treasure in the Trees,” the 2015 Symphony Show House.


The Home’s First Impression Is One Of Rambling Width, Over Multiple Corners And Angles, With Tall Bradford Pears And A Magnolia And Redbuds And Evergreens All Around.

The arboreal variety indicates one reason why the 2015 Symphony Show House in Northwestern Estates is known as the “Treasure in the Trees,” and as for the rest … take a look inside.

Show House Chair Yvette Fleckinger, Design Chairs Marsha Townsend and Dana Galiga and over a dozen of the metro’s finest designers, furnishers and decorative pros have brought about a showcase of splendor that will help the OKC Orchestra League provide funding for the OKC Philharmonic and music education programs.

Open the door to this treasure chest, and enjoy.


The Show House’s den is a room of carefully balanced contrasts, orchestrated by designers Steve Calonkey and Katelynn Calonkey of Mister Robert Fine Furniture.

The enormous sofa that anchors the space, all dark leather and brass studs, might risk tipping the room toward somberness if it weren’t playfully counterbalanced by (eminently comfortable) turquoise club chairs and vibrantly shaded rugs to keep the visual palette brisk. Different textures abound, offering choices between sleek fabric and the epically luxuriant Tibetan sheepskin of the corner chair
– and even the framed artwork ranges from abstract to landscapes.

Don’t overlook the designers’ love of whimsy and animals; not simply the zebra-skin chest that contains a bar setup or the gilded tortoise shell sculpture atop it, but the metal octopus that clutches a wine bottle in its tentacles and the frog conga line that takes up one shelf of the built-in bookcase.

The northeast bedroom, as decorated by Tuesday Fay of Bob Mills Furniture, is a study in color.

The simple but bold expedient of painting the walls a deep aqua makes the room feel cooler while giving every other component – from brilliant fuschia pillows to gold wall sculptures reminiscent of jacks to the varied accouterments in the bookshelf – a chance to serve as a visual accent, to pop against the lush background.

Before you go, step into the adjoining his-and-hers closets outfitted by Pinpoint Resource. Aside from the insight provided into a different sort of style, fashion as opposed to home décor, you should really be able to see yourself in the men’s linen suit (thanks to the mirrored mannequin).

Mathis Brothers and designer Nathan Hughes wisely elected to embrace the brightness coming from the living room’s immense floor-to-nearly-ceiling window overlooking the pool and backyard;

the light tones of the rug and facing sofas and chairs help the space echo with luminous vitality. It’s also no accident that the predominant highlight is gold, sparkling from the sunburst mirror over the fireplace, curio shelves on the north wall, even the clawed feet of the padded footstools.

Watch for Art Deco-inspired touches in the globe-holding atlases and smaller sculptures, and be sure to check out the room’s northeast corner by the chaise lounge – not many rooms could make the incidental table that looks like King Midas touched a massive piece of petrified wood look like it belongs, but in here it’s a perfect eye-catching fit.

You can’t get away from awe at the ceiling; a quarter of a million feathers provide soundproofing and a gape-inducing design statement in the media room executed by Travis Neely of Neely Design Associates.

Below all that, the space accommodates a glass-topped conversation/card table and ample shelving, even if most of the occupants’ attention will be focused on the truly spectacular TV and speaker setup – the view from the adjustable leather seats with coolly lit cup holders and armrests is exceptional.

Of special note: Look closer at the exquisite workmanship in the layered wood table base; it was a custom-made companion piece to the matching chest on which the TV sits. And while the vodka on display in the adjacent closet custom-converted into a bar is just for the visual (no sampling), the rich color contrasts and pinpoint LED lighting make the alcove a must-admire.

► Discovering the Magic

The 2015 Symphony Show House is open for viewing May 2-17, from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11:15 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Sundays.

  It is, however, in a gated community and street parking is not allowed on site, so guests are encouraged to make use of the complimentary shuttle at 1129 W. Memorial Road, just west of Western Avenue. Visit or call the Orchestra League at 601.4245 for tickets or more information.