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Design Elevated at The Show House

More than a dozen of the metro’s finest interior designers, decorators and vendors of furnishings raise their work to new heights for the luxurious, lofty Symphony Show House at OKC’s Founders Tower.

The Symphony Show House has been a showcase for the combined talents of the metro’s star furnishers, designers and decorative pros for four solid decades now – and even after all that time it’s as vibrant and inspiring as ever. In fact, the 2014 Show House takes style to a whole new level: the 18th floor of the landmark Founders Tower. You’re invited to the home design version of high fashion May 3-18 as over a dozen top-tier decorative professionals present “A View to a Thrill.

The main room is one grand space encompassing a formal living room (not pictured), sitting room and dining room; the combined area has a wonderful feeling of space and flow, thanks to the seamless transitions from section to section accomplished by designers from (respectively)
Mathis Brothers, Bob Mills Furniture and LifeStyles Stores. Of course, the immense bank of windows helps by providing an unbroken panoramic view with the Devon Tower in the distance.

There’s a flat-screen TV on the north wall in the living room section, but most of the floor space is given over to different groups of conversational seating clusters. The color palette is mostly neutral, making the room feel even larger and allowing for the occasional pop of color from a vase of orchids and a lovely impressionist floral painting on the inner wall. It’s a sweeping space that feels immensely luxurious and grand, inside and out.

Of special note: Look closely at the deep semicircular tub chairs
with coffered backs, and the recessed ceiling over the dining table
with a gorgeously intricate chandelier formed from loops
of individually hanging chains; the table itself is a circular slab
of hammered metal with tiny rivets, surrounded by six wooden chairs whose floral patterned fabric in neutral shades is held in place by a blazon of bright golden studs. And step out onto the balconies
to smile at the small decorative sculptures of human figures
diving and rappelling from the “walls.”
( pictured above )

The family room also has an eye-catching sightline over the Integris complex and beyond, but Traditions Fine Furniture and Design keeps the focus indoors in this area centered around a raspberry snakeskin coffee table. Color dominates the space thanks to the vivid throw pillows on the huge couch, glass art in the massive bookcase and on the west wall and the wall itself, a scintillating textured silver.

Of special note: The use of statuary gives the room a touch of extra dimension and character; observe the silver horse head sculpture on the side table and the porcelain Foo dogs standing watch
at the corners of the bookcase.

Animals abound in the boys’ bedroom outfitted by Meister Designs: a metal crab scuttles across a table, plush birds roost on the twin beds, a solemn owl painting overlooks the scene … there’s even a whale-shaped shelf in the closet. The navy fabric in their bedspreads is echoed in the heavy drapes, and a metal cabinet between the beds can hold a world of small treasures in its 20 drawers, assuming those treasures aren’t left scattered across the circular activity table with pull-out wedge-shaped benches.

The room has strong nautical undertones, too – the overhead light is a weathered lantern, and a padded bench near the door is shaped like a dinghy. It’s not hard to imagine the room’s small captain standing with one foot on the rail (there’s a low raised step by the window and patio door) and gazing off at the distant horizon where a storm might be a-brewin’.

Of special note: Orange Crush and Mello Yello fill the bedside mini-fridge, a surprisingly detailed blown glass jellyfish sculpture stands on a bedside shelf and there’s a diving helmet in the closet.
Just because.

Ornate, opulent and dazzling, the master bedroom is a space where the magnificent view of Lake Hefner is easily forgotten and the purple velvet love seat might not be the first thing visitors notice. The bed frame and headboard pop with black leather and silver studs, a color combination echoed in the fluidly curved chest of drawers – although that piece adds gold to the mix via its leather-textured top. A blend of patterns and textures, plenty of comfortably inviting options for seating, elegant touches of art and occasional dollops of whimsy (one lamp is actually a heron wearing a lampshade) … this room is definitely a Mister Robert Fine Furniture creation.

Of special note: take a look at the light fixture that could be called a “standelier” – that’s a wrought iron stand and globe encircling a glittering array of multifaceted glass droplets and artificial candles. There’s also a slight musical motif in the bust of Beethoven, “Abbey Road” sign over the closet and framed photo of the Fab Four.

The master bath by Allenton Interiors boasts cream-colored tiles on the floor and walls, a walk-in shower and raised soaking tub (bien sur, it has whirlpool jets), side-by-side basin sinks, each with a lighted mirror … yet perhaps the most striking feature is the central island, where two residents can sink simultaneously onto low, furry chairs and primp using the double-sided mirror and expansive granite countertops.

Of special note: the massage table on the balcony
(for special occasions); the repeating pattern etched into a glass panel above the central island and picked out in silver glitter on the interior walls by Paint Inspirations; a collection of Bond-centric imagery –
the Show House’s theme is “A View to a Thrill,” after all –
in the framed photos and an octopus(sy) statue. 


Going Up?

The 41st Symphony Designer Show House is located in Founders Tower at 5900 Mosteller Drive in Oklahoma City (you can’t miss it), and will be open for tours May 3-18, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and noon-5 p.m. Sundays. Children under 8 will not be admitted. Proceeds help the OKC Orchestra League provide funding for the OKC Philharmonic as well as music education programs for students of all ages. Visit or call the Orchestra League at 601.4245 for tickets or more information.