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Diamond Days

Take yourself out to an OKC Dodgers ball game.

Pitcher, Andre Jackson. Photo provided by Alex Freedman.

Take yourself out to an OKC Dodgers ball game.

Are you looking for a fun family evening out? Maybe a cool spot for a date night between two sports fans? The Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark is the place to watch the Oklahoma City Dodgers swing the bat for a very reasonable price.

The Los Angeles Dodgers is one of the most popular franchises in Major League Baseball, and its primary farm team is right here in OKC! For those that aren’t familiar with the term
“farm team,” it’s where players that are considered on the cusp of joining the MLB showcase their talent with hopes of getting “called up” to the big leagues.

Utility player Omar Estévez. Photo provided by Alex Freedman.

There are three types of Minor League Base- ball players: young guys, veterans and players that you might consider mainstays.

The younger guys typically were drafted by a franchise and have to work up from rookie ball, A or AA ball. Baseball isn’t like basketball or football, in which draftees typically land on the team that drafted them immediately. It’s normally a process that can take several seasons. The OKC Dodgers is a AAA ballclub, which means it’s the last stop before players make the Major Leagues.

Veterans that play in this league have often suffered injuries and missed a significant amount of time as a result. In many cases, they get bumped down from the Major Leagues to the Minor Leagues for a handful of games in order to get their feet back under them.

Lastly, there are “mainstays” — players that may have reached their ceiling in AAA baseball. While they’re always trying to play their best, they understand that, barring injuries or something unexpected, they will peak as a member of the Minor League affiliate of the Major League team.

“I think people get turned off when they hear the words ‘Minor League Baseball,’ because the average citizen isn’t excited to watch 100-plus MLB games, let alone 100-plus MiLB games,” said Garen Wright, former Minor League base- ball player. “It’s important to remember that AAA ball is one step away from the majors, and that some of the biggest names in the majors come through the minors either before their career blows up, or while they’re at the height of their career, rehabbing.”

The point is, spend an evening or two — or more — at a Dodgers game. They’re inexpensive and fun for all ages, there’s good food and the Dodgers are at the top of the league standings, so the quality of product is very high. Play ball!