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Fancy Gear for Back-to-School Fun

A new school year means a fresh opportunity for keeping everything organized in style – here’s the gear to get it together.

The Month of September Signals New Beginnings And Clean Slates … perhaps a new school, or at least a new grade. And speaking of grades, it’s a new start for that, too. Your football team has a new season, and past losses are just that: past. It’s also the perfect time to get organized. Since schools have been back in session for a few weeks, this is the time to see what you missed, evaluate and fill in the blanks. The school year might not seem as shiny and new after early-morning alarms, carpooling and missed buses, so a splurge here and there to whip things into shape will make it better. And if it’s just back to the old grindstone, well, at least you and your desk are accessorized in style! This kind of beginning will definitely get you all A’s! 

Mara-Mi monogrammed canvas pouch, journal and pen, Delfonics pencil bag and notebook from Chirps and Cheers, Edmond

Colored pencils from Chirps and Cheers 

Tombolo recycled banner bag and Poketo striped fleece laptop case from Perch’d

 Maude Asbury file folders and Semikolon folders box
from No Regrets, OKC

 Personalized luggage and bag tags from No Regrets

Solid and striped clips from Chirps and Cheers

Design House Stockholm bicycle shopping basket from Perch’d, OKC

 Karen Adams calendar from No Regrets