Favorite Things: Calvert’s

Favorite Things: Calvert’s

Sharing nature’s beauty to enliven your home is a growth industry – explore the verdant horticultural wonderland that is Calvert’s Plant Interiors.


If you’ve never ventured into Calvert’s, located for the last 35 years at 5308 N Classen, you must stop everything and make the trip now. Bob Calvert opened the business back in 1976, and it has grown (literally) into the largest interior landscape company in Oklahoma, and one of the most beloved. Strolling around their grounds is an exercise in rejuvenation – and the selection of flowers, plants and more is not only vast, but of the highest quality, so you won’t leave empty-handed or -hearted.

With Victor Goetz at the helm, the operation Calvert founded and built is still flourishing. Considering their booming business in landscaping, as well as design services and an extensive selection of stationary pottery and containers, it’s no wonder so many people look to Calvert’s to help make their spaces beautiful. When asked about what is important to Calvert’s, Goetz says, “The most important things in conducting our business are knowing our customers and striving to exceed their expectations.” Job well done.



(From left) Agave – “Members of the succulent family with no shortage of variety and character. They add a nice mix of texture in the landscape or, conversely, can be such a statement piece planted solo. Very drought tolerant.”; Succulents and Cacti – “This is the best time of year for succulents and cactus. With the warmer days, these plants are happy outdoors or can stay inside year-round. (They’re) low watering and low maintenance, but must have high light; direct or very bright indirect if they’re indoors. We always carry tons of different varieties, shapes and sizes.”



(From left) Sago palm – “Native to Japan, Sago palms make excellent specimen plants. Their wide trunks retain water, so they don’t need a drink very often. This is another versatile plant that loves the outdoors in the summer, but can come inside for the colder months.”; Hibiscus - “If you’re willing to splurge with the watering can, a Hibiscus is worth it. These beauties come in tons of different flower colors and varieties, and they bloom all summer long. Perfect for a patio pot. Calvert’s carries bush and standard varieties in multiple sizes, as well as single flowers and double flowers.”; Oleander – “Bloom clusters in white and shades of pink explode during Oklahoma summers. Calvert’s has both the bush variety and the standard variety.”



(From left) Mandevilla – “This climbing vine will leave you ‘oohing and aahing’ as it grows! Cheery foliage is complemented by red, pink or white flowers.”; Begonia – “A timeless beauty. We had to throw at least one shade plant into our top ten list; these thrive in garden beds and pots as annuals. Not only are the flowers (which come in red, pinks and white) so elegant against that waxy foliage, but did you know they’re edible, too? They are peppery in taste and go great on a summer salad.”; Scaevola – “A great flowering plant for containers and hanging baskets. This plant is a tireless performer even in our Oklahoma summers – just don’t forget to keep it hydrated.”