Favorite Things: Gathered Home Shop

Favorite Things: Gathered Home Shop

Gena Rainey has put together brought together a treasure trove of personal care and home items – pay Gathered Home Shop a visit.


If you’re interested in shopping somewhere unlike anywhere else in the metro, get going to Gathered Home Shop. Located at 115 S Broadway in downtown Edmond, this eclectic shop with Scandinavian to Mid-century to Modern Bohemian influences is a pleasant, and satisfying, surprise. Owner Gena Rainey is no stranger to design, her styling and decorating business led her to open a store – a place where she could not only collect items for her design jobs, but also offer the public her unique talent of finding beautiful products.

From personal care items that are thoughtfully sourced to items for the home, Gathered is the perfect name for what you will find within its four walls. The store has a beautifully curated collection of merchandise, as well as an upbeat and positive vibe throughout. Rainey says, “I chose downtown Edmond because there are some amazing things happening in the area, and I want to be a part of continuing to support the community and offering amazing products while doing something I love.” With that kind of perspective, it’s not really a surprise that Gathered is such a special place, where good things come together.



Tassel basket, $27.95 “Baskets are multi-functional and perfect for plants, toys, pillows, etc. – gotta have a cute one, though.”; Felted soap, $7.95 “A handmade local favorite that exfoliates, smells amazing and doesn’t make a mess.”; Facial rounds (pack of 10), $10; mesh laundry bag, $10; makeup remover, $14; rosewater toner, $18; jade roller, $24.95 “It’s all natural, works amazingly and is reusable – for healthy skin, with no more cotton ball waste.”


Moroccan vintage glasses, $69 for set of seven “These are fun, and add unique style to any bar cart or kitchen.”; Cement Santa, $14.95; wooden trees in large ($14.95) and small ($7.95); cream fluffy tree, $44.95 “Holiday decor that’s also whimsical and fun.”; Marble tumbler, $22 “Handmade and stylish ceramics are always a favorite.”


Sabaa black and white ceramic vase, $18.95 “Because a black and white piece goes with everything.”; Vintage Kilim pillows, $49 “Every one is handmade, unique and versatile.”; 32” macrame plant hanger, $27; riveted planter, $36; 4” cactus, $12.99 “Handmade macrame adds style, and when paired with a plant, you get a natural element to the space.”