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Name: Freddie

Age: 5

Breed: Bearded Dragon

Emotional range: Freddie is a bit moody. One minute, he’s nestling your shoulder. The next, he’s giving you the side-eye. Singing “You Are My Sunshine” cheers him up every time. When he’s really happy (or at least as happy as a lizard can be), he gives tiny kisses by licking your hand. 

Favorite color: Freddie adores yellow, the color his scales turn when he’s the most content! If he turns black, it’s best to back off. His scales turn a spooky shade when he’s getting a manicure (“Blue again?!”) or when he’s fed a less-than-satisfactory orange slice. 

Preferred environment: Lying on his owner’s chest with a blanket pulled up to his neck. Don’t even bother with a terrarium or heat lamp. This lizard is spoiled rotten.

“Named after the king of rock, Freddie Mercury, Freddie the lizard has the same flair and fashion. People are always surprised with his puppy-like personality. He’s friendly and adventurous, and he will always be your go-to tanning buddy.” 

  • Annabella Potts