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Gender Dynamic

World Neighbors’ global outreach program Work of Women aims to elevate female villagers and their families. To give them a helping foot, mark your calendar for Wine, Women and Shoes.

AS BIG AS THE WORLD IS, WE'RE ALL STILL NEIGHBORS, and whether it's played out against a backdrop of sand-scoured desert or frozen tundra, many aspects of the human experience are fundamentally the same everywhere. Including, unfortunately, the hard truths that for all they contribute to their own lives and future generations, women earn just one-tenth of the world's income and own less than one-tenth of the world's property, suffer disproportionately from violence and are marginalized in leadership and decision-making. But those numbers aren't set in stone; and isn't helping one another out what good neighbors do?

The Work of Women program is a membership organization within World Neighbors dedicated to empowering and mobilizing people in support of efforts to improve lives of women and their families in the poor, rural villages around the globe where World Neighbors works.

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