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Get Halloween Ready at Your Local OKC Goodwill

Looking to stand out among the crowd or win “best costume” this Halloween?

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Looking to stand out among the crowd or win “best costume” this Halloween? Search no further, as OKC’s Goodwill Industries carries hundreds of options for all your sweet and spooky needs. At this year’s Halloween Headquarters at Goodwill on SW 89th and Penn, feel free to take a look at pre-packaged costumes, or design your own funky fit with the practically limitless apparel and accessories. Wigs, jewelry, pet costumes, and Halloween decor are flooding Oklahoma’s Goodwill shops, making for vast creative possibilities. 

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Among those who look for DIY costumes, 88% reported that Goodwill is their favorite place to search, according to Goodwill’s annual Halloween Survey. “If you don’t find the costume you want at one location, you can shop at our other 24 locations to find exactly what you need,” said Frank Holland, VP of Donated Goods Retail at Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma. “Remember, Goodwill is a new store every hour with new inventory constantly being added to the floor.” Don’t worry if you’ve already snagged a costume, as Goodwill is always taking donations so that other families can also experience this spooky season to the fullest. 

If this year’s Halloween has you shopping on a budget, OKC’s Goodwill stores are the perfect place to start. “Goodwill prices are considerably less expensive when compared to other retail outlets,” Holland said. “It also allows for much more creativity and a sense of pride when you can tell your friends you put your own costume together yourself.” Don’t forget to look out for the Color of the Week sale, where one of four colored tags offers 50% off certain Goodwill items. 

While inspiration is not always easy to find, Goodwill Industries of Central Oklahoma created a lookbook for endless Halloween costumes—find a perfect fit in the list below, or mix your favorites to create the perfect combination. 

Pop Culture

Gico Halloween 7Britney Spears/Iconic School Girl: White button-up collared shirt, gray cardigan, black pleated mini skirt, black knee-high socks, pink pom-pom hair ties/clips

Denim Couples Costume: Long denim dress or skirt and strapless top, diamond choker necklace and bracelet, denim purse, silver chain belt. Plain light blue t-shirt, denim blazer or jacket, denim jeans, silver chain necklace, denim hat, brown lens sunglasses


Elsa: Long blue dress, long blue or white train/cape, blonde or silver wig

Anna: Black or teal long-sleeved shirt, long blue skirt, gold crown, black boots, purple/pink cape

Kristoff: Brown or black pants, brown long-sleeved tee, brown or black sleeveless pullover, fur trim, black winter boots

Hans: White or cream long-sleeved button-up shirt, black vest/sleeveless jacket, dark blue jeans or pants, black boots, brown or black leather belt

Cruella: Black and white wig, black dress, or black-and-white polka dot coat/dress, white fur leopard print jacket, long red satin gloves, stuffed dalmatian, black cigarette holder, feather boa


Bride: White lace mini dress or skirt and white lace tank top or bodysuit, white boots, pearl necklaces and bracelets

Morticia Addams: Black long-sleeved maxi dress, long black wig

Gomez Addams: Black-and-white pinstripe blazer and pants, white button-up shirt, black bow tie, black dress shoes

Wednesday Addams: White collared shirt, black dress with white floral print or plain black, long black wig, black tights, black loafers

Pugsley Addams: Black-and-white horizontal striped t-shirt, black shorts, black calf-high socks, black loafers/dress shoes

Wonder Woman: Black or gold jumpsuit, knee-high black or red boots, red or blue cape, shiny headband, helmet, lasso, shoulder pads, wrist cuffs, long black wig

USA Olympic Athletes: Navy blazer, navy and white horizontal striped tee, dark blue jeans, white sneakers, red scarf. Red, blue or white tracksuits or any athletic wear (spandex, tanks, tights, pants, shorts, jackets, leotards, sweatbands)

“Shopping for your Halloween costume at our Goodwill stores gives back to the community in so many positive ways. Goodwill’s mission and services help provide job training services to those in need, second chances after incarceration, employment to individuals with disabilities, assistance to our military veterans, [and] a solid foundation for employment and long-term success for our employees, as well as the ability to help those in need by connecting them with community resources.”

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