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Go! Go! Gadget!

A gadget enthusiast takes a quick, critical look at a camera phone worthy of the name, a super-small portable printer and a way to head off power surges remotely.

I'VE BEEN VERY HAPPY WITH THE NOKIA LUMIA 920 I bought for my business use. It works great as a phone and information device and the Bluetooth works flawlessly. Now Nokia has brought out a new model, the Lumia 1020. Is it an upgrade? If you take pictures with your phone, the answer is a resounding yes!

The Nokia Lumia 1020, hands down, has the best camera system in a phone you can buy. In reality, it’s a camera with a full-fledged smart phone attached. Lots of new features center on the camera’s 41 megapixel sensor and the software that runs it.  It has better low light performance and better zoom performance, and overall is a well thought-out advance.

If you ever meet with your clients away from the office, and the deal is not done until the paperwork is signed (Legal doesn’t like the e-signature), I’ve got something for you.

The Planon Printstik PS905me full page printer. The world’s smallest Mobile Printer. It prints by USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth from your iOS, Android or Windows phone. Most printers are just too large to be considered mobile, but not the Printstik. It measures just 1"x2"x11" with 20 pages of paper inside. The printer uses a thermal printhead on special paper rolls, similar to an old fax machine, so there is no ink or toner to spill. The internal battery allows you to carry the print stick along with your mobile device to give you a truly mobile printing solution wherever you go.

The Belkin WeMo Switch (just $49) is a great device for turning on or off anything with a plug from your cell phone. Add the app to your phone and add the WeMo switch to your wireless network, and you can remotely turn on or off anything plugged into the Belkin WeMo Switch.

I don’t know about you, but there are always things in this Oklahoma weather that I want to turn off in the face of a bad storm. Powering off is the best way to protect my computers from lightning and surges. If I put this in front of my uninterruptible power supply, it will do an orderly shutdown of my computers and prevent the kind of damage I see all the time from voltage spikes.