Going Between the Isms

Opposing viewpoints at the FJJMA
“Frontal” by Beth Hammack


For its summer exhibit, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art on the OU campus is hooked on a feeling. Lovers of beauty that’s more concerned with capturing an effect of light and color – or sharing and evoking an emotional response – than with stringent accuracy of form should come together for “Between the Isms,” collecting works from the Oklahoma Society of Impressionists and selected Oklahoma expressionists, on display through Sept. 8.

“We are pleased for the opportunity to showcase some of the engaging work being produced by some of the state’s most prominent artists,” says FJJMA Director Mark White. “Many of the artists included in ‘Between the Isms’ also studied at the University of Oklahoma, so it is fitting that the museum host this exhibition.”

Whether those artists are inspired by Renoir and Monet or Oklahomans working in the vein of Munch and Kandinsky, this collection of work is a showcase of the state’s creative diversity … which should look good to everyone.





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