Grinmore Upscale Streetwear Hosts Solidarity! On The Plaza

Streetwear store backs Plaza's communal efforts


Grinmore, an upscale streetwear and sneaker boutique in OKC, will be hosting their first partnership event with Solidarity! On the Plaza. Fred Preston, owner of the successful shop, is excited to showcase Grinmore’s cooperation with local community outreach programs. As a self-made business owner, Preston recognizes the importance of “why Black and Brown business matters,” as he plans on using Grinmore to host Iron Sharpens Iron: Seat At The Table.

The interactive event features a panel discussion and featured narratives from Oklahoma business owners of color, among other activities. All are welcome to attend on Friday, September 10th, starting at 6 pm. One of the more captivating aspects of the event is the business-history exhibit provided by The Metropolitan Library System and the Ralph Ellison Library.

Fred Preston’s passion for this upcoming project was apparent, when he said, “Grinmore is dedicated to being better, and when our team was notified about Solidarity on the Plaza, we wanted to curate an unforgettable experience. Representation matters, and the importance of community and giving back is our ultimate goal. We just want everybody to come out, have a great time, and learn something new.”

Preston’s collaboration with the Plaza District’s new event marks the beginning of his journey to spread the mission of Grinmore. Rather than just a place to up your fashion taste, Grinmore is committed to helping our city and its people in reaching goals. “There’s greatness within all of us,” he said. “Going forward, that’s the most important message we want to get across with our series of community events.”

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