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I Love the Little Apple

A gadget enthusiast takes a quick, critical look at the big value found in the iPad Mini.

 In my everyday life, I connect to computers from remote locations. I decided to purchase the iPad Mini as a way of reducing the load I have to carry while maintaining the ability to work remotely from anywhere without lugging my laptop with me.

I have to say I’m very happy with the decision. The iPad Mini is two inches smaller in height and width than the iPad 2, and is about half the weight. It has an improved screen and runs all the apps the iPad 2 runs in a smaller package. Even with the smaller screen, I can see desktops in the browser and run apps just as easily as I could using the iPad 2.

Having owned and used both the Kindle Fire and the iPad Mini, I would say the feel and interface of the iPad is much better. The reduced cost of $329 (MSRP) for the iPad Mini positions Apple well for cutting into the Kindle’s market.

The iPad Mini has about 10 hours of battery life, and with my portable Bluetooth keyboard, it works well for me as a laptop replacement.

For those times when extra power is needed, I have found a couple of new battery options: The Powerocks Magic Cube 6000mAh portable battery has the ability to recharge any device that attaches to a USB or mini USB connector. Available in several colors, it gives you the power to recharge your tablet or phone without an electrical outlet. Alternately, the Lepow Moonstone has a different look and design from the Powerocks Magic Cube, but fulfills much the same function with dual output and 3000mAh storage.

To replace the mouse and to give me better fine control on the screen of the iPad, I tried the new GoSmart Stylus 200. While the shape of the tip takes some getting used to, it gives you the same fine motor control you have with a pen and paper. I love it for moving around the screen and for letting people sign my iPad credit card receipts with a real signature.