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Memories of Making a Summer Splash

Remembering the way we were with a look back at some of the city’s most popular public pools in a bygone era.


Back in the days of our youth, summer meant sleeping late, lazy afternoons and going barefoot. The scent of honeysuckle, jasmine and lilac announced “summer is here!”

One of the best parts of the season was hitting your favorite swimming hole with your besties. Oklahoma City had some great local pools. There was Belle Isle, Wedgewood Village and of course the ever-popular Springlake, pictured here. Belle Isle has been replaced by a Walmart Supercenter, Springlake is now a Metro Tech campus and the Wedgewood Village pool has been surrounded by a private apartment complex. Progress marches on.

Those summer days always went by way too fast.  But take a moment to remember and you can almost hear the laughter, smell the chlorine and feel the sting of summer on your skin.