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Memories of Tastee-Freez

Remembering the way we were with a look back at the delicious drive-in dominance of Tastee-Freez.


Long Before Sonic Was America’s Drive-in, There Was Tastee-Freez.

The chain, established in 1950, featured hot dogs, hamburgers and an ingenious new “tastee” concoction:  soft-serve ice cream.

Folks living in mid-century America loved the new concept. Pull up to the curb, order your food and enjoy it right in the comfort of your own car!

Expansion was quick, and by 1957 nearly 2,000 stores could be found across the country, including this location in Edmond at 8th and Broadway.

But much like Sandra Dee and sock hops, Tastee-Freez faded away. A few locations still exist today, but number less than 50 nationwide.