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October’s Prime Entertainment Picks

A massive choral concert, the Garden Tour for Connoisseurs, a theatrical premiere from Lyric and the return of 6 Degrees of Bacon – there are all kinds of sources for entertainment and enlightenment in this bustling metro, so if you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start.


It’s a big, busy metro out there – If you can’t make it to everything, here’s where to start→

One for Sorrow, Two for Joy

Both emotions are present in large and immensely poignant quantities in the music of the Counting Crows. It’s been more than 20 years since their debut album, but the weighty lyrics and rich harmonies are still fully present on latest release Somewhere Under Wonderland and the older tracks have lost no resonance; some of us will be weeping openly if they play “Goodnight Elisabeth.”

Goes Well With Everything

There’s a not-so-secret ingredient to Downtown OKC’s fall feast that benefits the Midtown Association, and it’s enough to put a gleam in the eyes of the more Swanson-esque among us. 6 Degrees of Bacon gives area restaurants a chance to flex their creativity, and guests a tasting event replete with meaty treats. The beer sampling, music and party atmosphere add a bit of extra sizzle to this crisp, salty, delicious evening.

Whirled’s Finest

One of the first and greatest ballets of the Romantic era, “Giselle” is an all-time masterpiece and one of the exemplars of the classical dance form. Sounds like a perfect fit for the OKC Ballet company, which will team with the OKC Philharmonic to dazzle eyes and melt hearts with the wordless tale of a peasant girl’s romance that proves stronger than death.

Daniels Home in Oak Tree courtesy OK Horticultural Society

Beauty in Bloom

The Oklahoma Horticultural Society is dedicated to sharing and nurturing an interest in fine gardening, so when its members decide to show off their endeavors, it’s a safe bet that the Garden Tour for Connoisseurs will be an impressive sight indeed. Exploring this set of six home landscapes across Edmond yields a fresh crop of appreciation for beautification and landscape excellence.

All-Star Jams

A hot microphone, terrific food and thou – United Way of Norman is loading up a completely sweet showcase of entertainment for its annual Celebrity Sing event. The community benefits in the long run, but the night itself belongs to those enjoying the varied song-and-dance performances from community leaders, auctions, dinner, drinks and gleeful rock-and-roll ambience.

Chicago Tap Theatre courtesy Chicago Tap Theatre

A Reputation for Step Creation

The precision performers of the famed Chicago Tap Theatre are putting their best feet … well, all over the place. The company is taking its show on the road this year, thus giving metro residents a prime opportunity to enjoy their vibrant, innovative spectacle as they heel-and-toe through Edmond as the next installment of UCO’s Broadway Tonight series. Get a move on!

Come as You Arf

Sleek or fuzzy, huge or small, canine comrades have a ball at the annual Pooch Parade, organized by and benefiting Animal Rescue Friends of Nichols Hills. The dog-day afternoon includes a costume contest (mainly for four-legged entrants, although there is a dog-and-human combo category) and group promenade/jog, plus treats from sponsors and vendors for everyone. All in all, plenty to wag your tail about.

Let It Go to Voicemail

There’s no such thing as a perfect crime, but this one might just be good enough. When a meticulously planned assassination goes awry, it’s only the beginning of a new set in this high-stakes match of wits between an ice-blooded husband and a tenacious inspector. Jewel Box Theatre rings up a tense, taut, impeccably polite thriller (except for the attempted killing) with “Dial M for Murder.”

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Short

Lyric Theatre is surging into its fall season with a brand-new blast from the Roaring ’20s past. In “Bernice Bobs Her Hair,” the title country mouse is too drab and awkward for high society, so her cousin trains her to be more free-spirited and fun – until the ingénue steals too much of the spotlight and cousin Marjorie plots embarrassing vengeance. OKC is the first spot in all the wide world to see this ritzy theatrical rumpus.

“Belshazzar’s Feast,” by Rembrandt

It Sounds Delicious

The human voice is a powerful instrument – and when honed through practice and deployed en masse, the results can sound positively epic. The 125-member-strong Canterbury Choral Society is happy to demonstrate and share a surge of emotion and beauty in its season-opening concert “Belshazzar’s Feast,” which depicts a Biblical tale of Israel’s swift, dramatic triumph over a Babylonian king.