OKCMOA Plans Summer of Glass

The newly donated Rose Family Collection enhances the museum’s creative holdings
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The Oklahoma City Museum of Art is thrilled to announce its new acquisition featuring the “Golden Age” of studio glass, with an exhibition debuting on Labor Day weekend. The museum showcases one of the largest public collections of Dale Chihuly’s glass work, and its collection of breathtaking works in the medium has grown: The Jerome V. and Judith G. Rose Family Glass Collection decided to donate over 100 pieces of art created by glasswork pioneers. Jerome and Judith Rose began their private studio glass collection in 1977, and in more than four decades of development, the Rose Family was able to obtain 179 works of art by 83 artists.

“During their years of glass collecting, my parents encouraged and fostered the careers of many young glass artists by acquiring or commissioning works directly from them,” said Lisa Rose, daughter of Jerome and Judith Rose. “Building and exhibiting this collection was their own work of art. Family, friends, visiting artists, and tours were overwhelmed by the collection’s beauty and diversity.”

Due to the generosity of the children of the Rose Family Glass Collection, the OKCMOA will now be home to the multitude of brilliant glass pieces. The featured artists within this exhibition include Fritz Dreisbach, Flora Mace, Joey Kirkpatrick, John Lewis, Paul Marioni, William Morris, Lino Tagliapietra, and Toots Zynsky, along with historical glass by Louis C. Tiffany and Emile Galle.

This extraordinary and eclectic collection features pieces ranging from small, intimate works to large-scale indoor and outdoor pieces, with color palettes shifting from subtle monotones to brilliant jewel-like effects, often depending on placement and lighting,” said Becky Weintz, director of marketing and communications at the OKCMOA. “From vases to bowls to busts to wall-hung flat two-dimensional constructions to three-dimensional abstract sculptures, the collection shows the diversity of artistic vision and imagination in the studio glass movement, and the fascinating ways artists are able to manipulate glass to create complex and resoundingly beautiful works of art.”

With the implementation of the Rose Family Glass Collection, the public will gain insight into the origin of studio glass work in the 1950s, and how it has progressed to the present day. The Museum will proudly showcase this collection to emphasize the versatility and beauty of glass in conceptual ideals of art. 

“We are looking forward to a summer of glass at OKCMOA,” said Weintz. “Between the Rose Family Glass Collection highlights opening Labor Day weekend and the reimagining of our Chihuly collection opening in June, it is going to be an exciting summer at the Museum!”

For more information, visit https://www.okcmoa.com.

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