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Okie Mod Squad Does the Time Warp

Celebrate midcentury design with a weekend of turning back the clock organized by the Okie Mod Squad.


The Okie Mod Squad has set their sights on increasing public awareness of iconic mid-century buildings, and their architecture, during its Oklahoma Modernism Weekend May 20-22.

They plan to give tours showcasing architecture in the “Church of Tomorrow,” the oblong First Christian Church.

If you’re interested in more than just building design, be ready to see many other mid-century beauties … via vintage cars on Saturday.

“The First Christian Church has a huge parking lot that we hope to fill up with ’50s finned wonders, sassy ’60s and ’70s muscle cars, fun rat rods, chromed-up motorcycles and the like. We will award People’s Choice awards to the favorite car of each decade,” says Lynne Rostochil, co-founder of Okie Mod Squad.

The weekend also promises an Ultra-Lounge Dance Party hosted at Rockford Cocktail Den, plus Bad Granny’s Bazaar is opening its closet doors for a Flashback Fashion Show and will create mid-century looks for the runway.

If you plan on attending early enough, you may just be able to collect a piece of mod-history for yourself. Vendors already have begun gathering curiosities for Mod Swap, a flea market that includes typewriters, art deco, funky lamps and vintage board games.

The Okie Mod Squad hopes that attendees will leave with a greater appreciation for the rich history of Oklahoma’s architecture before it’s too late to appreciate it at all.
For a calendar of events, visit okcmod.com.