Oklahoma’s Commitment to Mayan Artwork

Two exhibits highlight Hispanic heritage appreciation
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To kick off Hispanic Heritage month, two Mayan art exhibits will be installed in Norman and the OKC
area. As an initiative of the Guatemalan General Consulate organization and the Guatemalan Society of
Oklahoma, these events mark an important aspect of Mayan creativity. From September 13th to
December 6th, a public collection titled the Myan Textiles will be in place at the University of Oklahoma’s
Sam Noble Museum. During these months, grab a ticket or two and experience the magic of Mayan
artwork and the history that comes with it.

For a more interactive way to celebrate the works of the Mayan community, an exhibit of an oil painting
done by Mayan artists will be presented in OKC. Once the artwork is shown to the public, there will be an
opportunity to purchase specific pieces with the goal of raising money for a variety of subjects. The most
important include “educational scholarships, other social entrepreneurship projects that create
sustainability in the indigenous regions of Guatemala, apiculture, coffee culture, and intercultural
exchange from a Mayan perspective.” These options for funding serve the purpose of gaining exposure
and awareness about Mayan artwork, as their people have been “subjected to discrimination within their
own communities due to the rigid caste system” that is in place.

To support Mayan artists and help them break free from the oppression of their own society, the Norman
and OKC areas are committed to providing educational opportunities and funding for the Mayan arts. For more information about both events, visit https://samnoblemuseum.ou.edu/collections-and-research/ethnology/mayan-textiles/.


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