Ornamental Splendor

A double dose for decking your halls
From North Pole City: Red Santa with bag by Ino Schaller, $200; White beaded Santa with Swarovski crystals by Ino Schaller, $400; Champagne beaded Santa by Ino Schaller, $145; Ino Schaller trees: small, $30; medium, $55; large, $60


When the Christmas season rolls around, one of its best moments is pulling out all the old ornaments and decorations, including any that have been handed down. Memories flood, and we find ourselves reminiscing about family and friends and tradition. Adding to those memories is just as important, and finding the perfect item to do just that is easier than you think – distinctive Christmas décor is out there, you just need to know where to look. Two places, each unique in their own right, boast of the season in their names, but more importantly in what they deliver.

North Pole City and Christmas Expressions are dreams come true when it comes to finding special treasure to add to your Christmas collection. From ornaments that can reflect something personal about you and loved ones, to handmade collectibles that will be treasured for years to come, there’s more to delight your fancy than you can imagine.


From Christmas Expressions: “Santa’s midnight ride” by Christopher Radko, $63; “Present Pile-Up” by Christopher Radko, $66; “Flying Santa” Christmas lantern, $65; Old World Christmas ornaments: Ferris wheel, $16.99; toolbox, $14.99; State of Oklahoma, $18.99; cappuccino, $13.99; yoga mat, $13.99