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Outfits for Staying In

Chic comfort for cozy lounging means you can look and feel good, even when you’re doing nothing.


Some days, there’s nothing greater than having the time to just lounge around. Hang out. Chill. What could make having such white space in your calendar even better? Some great clothes to do it in.

But you won’t find any worn, threadbare flannel here. This is the good stuff: soft and luxurious, but comfortable, too. That’s the key – comfort. And as a bonus, it looks great. Treat yourself to some lounging luxury!


From Tulips:

Faceplant Dreamwear bamboo short-sleeve shirt, $44, and short, $48, in aqua mist; JuJu Jams Kelly hooded sweatshirt, $74, and Patty jogger pant, $68, in black; Faceplant Dreamwear bamboo boyfriend night shirt, $68, in black; Leo Blush boyfriend shirt in pink, $100, by JuJu Jams


From The Lingerie Store:

Denim Blues tank, $43, and short, $37; Walk the Line cami, $45, and short, $40, in pink; vintage paisley tank, $45, and pant, $59, all by PJ Salvage