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Personal Products for a New Season of Care

A selection of quality products for shaking off winter’s impact on your hair, face and skin.


Cold, Dry Temps Have Wreaked Havoc On Your Hair And Skin.

As you begin to trade your winter layers for shorts and swimsuits, it’s a great idea to start a transition in your skin and hair regimen. We’ve located some of the best products for the move into the warm, sunny days ahead! 

► Problem: Dry, itchy body

A great body cleanser and lotion combination will work wonders to reduce your skin’s dry and itchy patches. Ahava’s Mineral Botanic Velvet Body Wash and Lotion in the new Tropical Pineapple and White Peach will get you ready to step into the sun with smooth, moisturized skin.

HAVA Mineral Botanic Body Wash and Mineral Botanic Body Lotion from Ulta, locations metro-wide

► Problem: Rough, flaky face

It’s time to ditch heavy creams and cleansers. Oils are a great way to combat dry, flaking skin. Combining a great exfoliator, a moisturizing cleanser, toner and a lightweight moisturizer will have your skin glowing. L’Occitane’s Immortelle line, complete with Brightening Exfoliator, Cleansing Oil and Water Toner, not only cleans and freshens, but also combines unbeatable moisture and anti-aging properties.

Cleansing Oil, Essential Water Toner, and Divine Cream from l’Occitane en Provence, Penn Square Mall, OKC

Add the Divine Cream to complete your regimen and you have the perfect formula for radiant, healthy skin. Want even more good news? All of these products work well for every skin type. Instead of liquid foundation, try a great BB Cream with SPF, like the Immortelle Precious BB Cream with SPF 30, to even out and conceal uneven skin tones.

Immortelle Brightening Instant Exfoliator and Precious BB Cream from l’Occitane en Provence, Penn Square Mall, OKC

► Problem: Dry hair, split ends

Cold air can leave strands and scalps drier than normal. Lush’s Lullaby Shampoo bar is perfect for an itchy scalp and works well for both adults and kids. Plus, the split-end treatment will help your hair recover. A root treatment will get scalp circulation going and a creamy conditioner will help smooth and tame wild strands. If summer is still too far away, get the beachy hair you crave with Lush’s Sea Spray.

Lullaby Solid Shampoo, American Cream Conditioner, Roots Hair Treatment, Sea Spray Hair Mist, Shine So Bright Split End Treatment from Lush, Penn Square Mall, OKC