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Red-Hot Lips

Singing the praises of eye-catching scarlet shades of lipstick.


It’s hard to determine precisely when a trend becomes a classic, but we may have to thank the iconic wearers of red lipstick to making it a must.

From Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, these beauty icons sported the shade with confidence, and when Madonna boldly went where no woman had gone before in style, the red lip was just as much a part of the look as the big bow in her hair. While it might seem a bit intimidating to wear – or perhaps “flaunt” is the better term – it’s definitely in fashion these days to do so: Summer reds are more popular than ever. In picking from this color family, whether it be “Temptation” or “Ex-Factor” or even “Hot Tomato,” you’re likely to find the perfect hue to pucker up to.


(above from L to R)

1st row: Bobbi Brown “flame” and Trish McEvoy “wild rose” from Balliets  //  Sooo Lilly “micro red” from Sooo Lilly

2nd row: Sooo Lilly “ex-factor” from Sooo Lilly  // Kevyn Aucoin “Carliana,” Serenity + Scott “hot tomato” and Lipstick Queen Silver Screen “Have Paris” from The MakeUp Bar

3rd row: La Prairie “Rouge Claire” from Balliets Lipstick Queen “Medieval” from The MakeUp Bar  //  Bobbi Brown “retro red” from Balliets

4th row: Laura Mercier “Temptation” and Laura Mercier “haute red” from Balliets

Back row: Sooo Lilly “rhubarb” from Sooo Lilly