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Savor the Excitement at Taste of Norman

With football and basketball about to roar back into Oklahomans’ schedules, Big Brothers Big Sisters is ready to do some tailgating.


Fundraising Galas Tend To Be A Great Way For Organizations – Especially Nonprofits – To Boost Their Balance Sheets: Volunteers And Sponsors Donate Time And Materials, Guests Have A Good Time, Proceeds Advance The Host Agency’s Mission.

That’s why each fall, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Oklahoma hosts its flavorful, sample-rich gala The Big Taste. But around here, fall also comes with an especially strong dose of football fever, and so this year the event is trading black tie for eye black: on August 29, you’re invited to “Oklahoma Gameday.”

The week before OU kicks off its season a couple of miles to the south, the action will be at Embassy Suites Norman, where guests will gather for a 6pm tailgate before the gala itself. “This is typically our black-tie event,” smiles Mikaela Borecky, outgoing area director and one of the event’s organizers, “but this year we really want people to come in in their tailgate, game-day chic attire, and just turn the event upside down and have some fun with it.” That attire doesn’t have to be crimson and cream, by the way; you’ll fit right in to the collegial atmosphere in Cowboy orange, Thunder blue, Energy green or the hues of your local high school of choice – but if it influences your decision, know that Boomer and Sooner will be there in person (technically, “in Welsh ponies.”)

When the doors open at 7pm, the traditional taster’s affair will give diners a chance to sample treats from a bevy of local restaurants; the live and silent auctions will offer treasures from autographed memorabilia to a safari; and a program will thank donors for their support and emphasize what a difference they have made in the lives of young area children. “Their dollars are spent directly right here in Norman,” explains Borecky, “and the impact is local – their interest in us and their support directly goes to change these kids in our community.”

And if you’re interested in being a part of that change while having a deliciously fun evening, there’s still room in the starting lineup – visit or call 364.3722.