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Shades for Spring

Try these cool springtime sunglasses for warding off rays while looking amazing.


Whether you are hitting the slopes or hitting the sand, or just staring at the springtime sunshine, the right kind of eyewear is a must! Of course, protecting your baby blues, greens or browns is the most important thing, but a close second is the look – and not the one from behind the lenses. There is no doubt that what you are looking for, you can find; to prove it, here are choices ranging from traditional to trendy.


(top to bottom)

C​anby, $189; A​insworth, ​$​229; Eugene with polarized lenses, $295, all by Shwood from Weldon Jack


(top to bottom)

Super Symmetry in clear, $39.97; Teddy Boy in orange, $39.99; DNA4 in silver, $44.99, all by Spitfire Shades from Blue Seven