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Sweet Dreams for Bedroom Redecoration

It’s a good thing they’re so versatile; you may want to try all of these comfortable combinations of luxurious bedding.


This Month I Had The Pleasure Of Scouting Around Town For A Subject On The Sleepy Side Of Things …

but by sleepy, I don’t mean boring. It’s all about where you sleep, and if you are thinking about reworking your bedroom, the bedding is a key factor in that process. Even if it’s just adding different accent pillows (which can really spruce up the place!), the bed is definitely the place to start.

While I’m drawn to neutrals that allow you to change the look easily with a throw or patterned sham, I couldn’t resist some of these live-out-loud patterned quilts and duvet covers. An elegant velvet coverlet in a neutral also stole my heart, as did a simple striped coverlet. Here are just a few beautiful choices I pulled together. Find more out there to help you rise
and shine … and make that beautiful bed! 

( pictured above) Taylor Linens coverlet, sham and embroidered accent pillow from Emory Anne’s, Edmond | Black and white canvas from Cayman’s, Norman


Company C Stella pillow and Wisteria pattern quilt and duvet from Emory Anne’s.

Nomad embroidered duvet and sham from Anthropologie, OKC.

Lili Alessandra coverlet with Square Feathers accent pillows from Cayman’s.

Brown Linen Square embroidered accent pillow from Emory Anne’s. 

Grey Pom Pom duvet cover and Euro sham from KSDesign, OKC.

Zala quilt and sham from Anthropologie.

Flower accent pillow from KSDesign.


Zocalo quilt from Anthropologie.